Wednesday, June 22, 2011

wool work

Bill and i went to fairfax over the weekend. We stopped to see barb of simply iowa I always find something to drop some cash. More things to say "where am i going to put this?
My weakness is folkart or crafts that have survived from the 1890 and early 1900's. Wool work, hair art, shell work, the list goes on. These are my latest finds. I can imagine all the hours spent weaving every one of these petals. with fine wool yarn. all hand dyed. Also a real plain but, interesting hair memento.

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Simply Iowa said...

I just scrolled down... and looked at your blog...WOW!!!! You are A STAR!!!!
Love Everything...
Love You...and Bill Too! Thanks for droppin' some cash with me...It goes to very needy causes....lot's of four legged ones...for sure...Love Ya!
Barb C.