Monday, June 20, 2011

Thank you Gayle

My new blogger friend Gayle from vintage green sent me this beautiful bag that she made. I had commented on how much i loved her work and a surprise arrived in the mail. The colors were right on, my favorite colors. It also had little goodies for my future memory jug. Two pairs if handmade earrings (1 for Sharon and 1 for me) Sorry Sharon i haven't made to down to give you yours yet. That is the best thing about blogging. One can meet all kinds of kindred souls, like minds.It's hard to find people that want to talk plants or share ideas on mosaics, at least i have trouble find them. But, blogging i can get inspired by others work and see others beautiful gardens and share mine with them. Thanks Gayle you are a great new friend.
I also wanted to post this cool doll i bought in Peru, to show Gayle. They made all kinds of dolls like this one, they are made to look old so they have a nice patina.


Gayle said...

Yeah for blogging and finding new and kindred spirits. I am inspired everytime I come to your blog. Your plants and garden are amazing! Whereas I am so pathetic that if one of my orchids so much as sends up a shoot I am over the moon!! And your mosaics......
You are such a talented artist!!

I can remember my Grandma had her "Penpals"....her friends that she left behind in Sweden when her family came to America. She would get so excited when the mail brought her a letter from one of them. Maybe that's us... (bloggers) in "these modern times":)

Thanks so much for posting a picture of your doll, I am thinking I am glad I didn't buy
"the old" one.

Take care dear friend...

Strawberry Freckleface said...

Absolutely in LUST with that bag!
strawberry freckleface