Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Trying something new

This summer i went to an art show in Des moines,Iowa. I went with my sister and her daughter Abby. We saw this beautiful piece. It was a wooden plaque (very large) covered in these little tiles, with cool designs and colors, with quotes and little sayings, all combined to make a really neat piece. It was an instant favorite for all of us. price tag.... 500.00 I thought, wow i could make that.
I went home and got busy. I had almost everything to get started. polymer clay pemo and sculpty 1,2,3. rubber stamps and paint. Let me say it is very addicting. and I'm having so much fun with this. Making all these little tiles, different sizes and different designs. It's limitless. I haven't made any finished product yet. I want plenty of tiles to work with.


Gary said...


What an intriguing design concept and the tiles you have created so far are just plain “EYE CANDY”!!! I know you have a busy schedule but a post with step by step on the tile making would be great, wink. I am thinking something like a whole wall of these tiles. Will be looking for the finished project but I know that the fun is in the creating so enjoy yourself, just keep up updated, wink. – gary

A Wild Thing said...

Sorry I missed ya last week, I'm always working at the Shed on Sat....

But if anyone can pull off this project, it's you, can't wait to see the finished product, it'll be THE BOMB!!! I have simply got to get out the Sculpy and buy some stamps, great winter projects huh!!!

Luv ya sista!!!