Thursday, November 3, 2011

old man winter is almost here

We haven't had a big freeze yet. The leaves have turned. The bees have left the hives. I walked out the back door and my neighbors asparagus bed was glowing. It's a very old established bed. Beautiful!! Then my other neighbor just purchased a tumbler composter. I thought of getting one. He is finding out that it is a lot more work than they let on. I'll stick with my worm bin. Now that is easy.
Bill was out today collecting hornets nests. They can't be harvested till after a certain time. To assure they have left the nest. These are from past years. He did get a nice one today. He left it in the shed (just in case)to be sure they have left the nest.


Gayle said...


I am looking at that old wallpaper behind them.....where is that? So cool!!!

Gary said...


What wonderful autumn pictures but then again artiste always capture great photos. I am with you on the worm bin, let the worms do the work, lol. In my opinion, for what that’s worth, a worm bin or just a simple compost pile makes the best compost it just takes longer. You can’t beat good, rich worm pooh when it comes to fertilizing.

I love the beauty of a hornet’s nest but I will admire yours and not go out collecting my own. With my luck with bees I would harvest the only nest that was full of hornets wearing little yellow an black striped hoodies, lol.

Hope you guys have the time to enjoy more mild autumn days before , as you have put it, old man winter gets here. Take care. – gary

Air Bohemia said...

You know I'm totally diggin' the hornets nests, Brandon has a cool one in his room, shoulda grabbed it...I can't believe you said the 'W' word...ewwwww, but we know it's comin, but we don't have to like it...right!!!

I was coming home the other day and the sun was shining on my soft maple tree, taller than all the rest, it looked like it was gilded...beautiful!

cconz said...

Gary, you mean we won't see you climbing any trees and out on a flimsy limb to get a nest? me either, we'll leave that to bill. Gayle believe it or not That room with the originl pretty pink paper and beautiful pink floor cloth is bills manly man room. Ha!