Thursday, March 6, 2008

continue the story

well, to shorten the story. my sister accepted her guest. we grew up, left home. mom and dad sold the house. i tried and tried to get the head from 4 different people who had bought the house thru the years. no one would give it to me. until last year, i went home for a visit, mom had mentioned how the place had changed and i should check it out on my way out of town. i stopped when i saw a woman outside. i was'nt even thinking about the head. she was showing me the basement walk out and i looked out the window and gave a sigh. the wall was gone!!!! the lady saw my exspression and said "are you looking for the head". i said "YES" and she told me her husband had torn the wall out, and had thrown it in the dump truck. "I told him to bring that back here. I knew i was saving it it for some thing.she had no idea i had been trying to get it. when i got it in my hands, i took it to 2 historical societies in the area. after researching the piece and several peoples opinions-the general consensus was it probably was some sort of grave ornament. most likly from early pioneers and settlers. they would die and just bury people along the way. to me that made alot of sense. with the shovel dragging and people digging. they i often wondered if any kids in the house after us saw any thing. but, after seeing what it is like now for kids. PLUGGED IN at all times. filling there minds up with crap. they would NEVER see anything if it was right in front of them.


Joy Logan said...

Very interesting story! Are you American? You sound like you are from another country,the way you create sentances,sounds different to me.

cconz said...

joy, sorry, i just can't type to well. yes, i grew up in council bluffs, iowa.