Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Beautiful day

The weather is gorgous today. i was out riding my bike and visiting friends. took along walk with my 4 monkeys. i still think it's to cool to rake. or maybe it's that i' not ready to do that yet.
then on a more sober note. What is it > someone is miserable with them selves, so they take out their whole family and then them selves.On monday, a vice president of the hills bank, also a coke head was released on bond for embezzleing alot of money. killed his entire family. WHat's going on. i'm miserable so i'm killing everybody. there has been a rash of killings like that. there are SO many people out there so that means there are that many more weird people. I guess you could call it thinning the herd.


kartika said...

I wonder if you live in Fairfield where I live - I am in my fifties and also do collage - will soon have images on my blog - come visit - I like your work!

cconz said...
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