Wednesday, March 5, 2008

My Ghost Story

I found this stone head in 1965. it was on a bluff, up behind our house. it was also facing down so you could'nt see the face. i do vividly remember hearing something in my head telling me to flip it over, there were alot of other field stones laying around.i dug around it and flipped it. WOW!! i thought, rolled it home. i was about 7 or 8 ys old. soon after getting in situated in our yard, my dad put it in a stone wall he built. outside our bedroom windows. my sister and i shared a room.every night and day,all of us could hear a shovel being drug across the cement basketball court. you could'nt see anything. but, you could hear at all times of the day. in those days the subject of ghosts just WAS'nt.The Exorsist had been made yet. SO, that's not what we were thinking. But, what was that crazy dragging sound???? Then my sister moved to her own room. she was about 6 or 7. every night she would end up in my room or my mom and dads room sleeping on the floor. she kept saying there was a man in her room. Oh man, did my parents get mad and frustrated. still we were'nt thinking ghosts. this kept up for months. she fiially told herself "he has'nt hurt me yet." she said she just covered her head with blankets. but, he was there every night.then other things started up. She had her bed facing the door and at night she could see 2 men (different men) digging for something. there digging and digging, but they were'nt paying any attention to her.she decribed there clothes and size.more later........

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