Sunday, June 15, 2008

my studio?

Help, i need i bigger room. i have all my stuff crammed into this little extra bedroom, with no room to spare. but, an abundance of natural light. i can stand in the middle of the room and work on stained glass or my mosaics and turn around and work at my desk on collages. At least it not on my dining room table like alot of folks. But, it's "MY ROOM". A girl has got to have a room of her own no matter how small. Filled with my stuff, creepy, weird or stupid stuff, cool stuff, or stuff you like but, don't want others to see it.I'm a natural hoarder. but so is bill. our house doesn't have paths thru it yet. but, give it time. I will post a picture of bills room later. WOW!!! he's got me beat on disorganization skills.
I have so many books, i tend to do more looking and reading than doing sometimes.


Joy Logan said...

No fear I use the dining room table as my studio! Oh I have an art room but its covered with stuff.

A Wild Thing said...

The space is sooooooooooo you Cath...I wish everyone could see your wonderful, quirky home. I have designated areas too, the kitchen, an upstairs bedroom, a downstairs bedroom (grooming/painting studio) and anywhere there is light and space...with no man around, I can use his space too.

Can I come play at your gotta boat...