Wednesday, July 30, 2008

our home in lone tree

I get such a kick out of lou's paintings, we had to get him to do a commision for us. i wanted a scene of our house with lots of flowers and put in all the kids, dogs birds and fat cat.Lou had had his paintings in a few magazines. country living for one. But, i'm very happy with it. bill and i look like thugs.


A Wild Thing said...

I LOVE this picture, how cool is this, I didn't know you commissioned it from Lou. I haven't been there in agaes. He used to stop by the shop every once in a while and pick up some stuff, but haven't seen him in ages. His shop is wonderful for sure, great stuff!!!

kartika said...

This is great - love it! It makes me smile all over - Lou is very cool. Oh, and thank you for stopping by and reading my rants - I have to get this stuff out and love the comments! Kartika always on the edge - more to come

Anonymous said...

I love this, I do a similar thing with cross stich but its more traditional. I love the vibrancy of are lucky