Thursday, April 9, 2009

lastest casulality

Well this is what happens when i leave "Greta" unattended. I just walked down to the post office to get the mail and get back to find the mouth of "little Juan" completely gone and Greta scrambling to get back to her cage. That's what happens when i don't have things to for her to chew, on her cage. So they are both banned to the cage till i can get to the junk store. I'm just glad i wasn't gone longer.


A Wild Thing said...

HA...HA!!! What a bad bird...I can just hear her...'the dog did it'...they both look sooooo guilty!

Every time I go to Greyscale Territory and see all the wild cockatoos Gemma has on her veranda, I think of you and Greta...she has whole flocks that come 'round for food and fun.

Bad bird...but too funny...HA(sorry)

Get this...the word verification is that what you did when you saw Juan???

Chris said...

Birds did that??? poor Juan.

Simply Iowa said...

Thanks for leaving a comment! Happy Easter! I've just gotta tell you, you made my day! We are HUGE animal lovers, and I should add destructive, spoiled animal caregivers. {I think God put these particlar critters in our hands cause He knew we wouldn't kill 'em!} ( I'm talking thousands of dollars damage, and our most sentimental, really favorite treasures gone, just gone...}But would we trade any of that stuff for our beloved babies? Nope!
Chin up! Forgive. {I was just infomed some things of my husbands was destroyed this morning, by his language, I don't think he remembered it's Easter...}
Come visit, the Spring Sale is always fun!
'til next time,
Barb, Chu

lsg said...

Wow ... What a bad bad bird. You were probably pretty upset with her antics that day. Better bet some more baskets soon. Hope you had a nice weekend... Laura.

Simply Iowa said...

Thanks for the very nice comments. My daughter looked at you blog and thought it was sooo cool! I had to show my husband "Juan" he TOTALLY understands!!!
'til next time,
Barb C.

Lisa B (Moon) said...

Oooono!!!!!! Poor doll! I have a destructive parrot too...I feel your pain. ;0)
I wanted to tell you I love your take on farm animals and how they should be cared for. My son did a project on factory farming in grade school and it shook me. I agree with all your thoughts on the subject! I applaud you for being able to watch the HBO docu on pig farming. I cant do it. I learned my lesson watching the docu on "Dealing Dogs". I was sick and crying,angry and filled with helplessness about the film for weeks. I dont think I could take the pig farming. (weak smile)
Anywho girl, LOVE your your art and I love your thoughts!!