Sunday, April 26, 2009

bloomin time

Look at this BEEEautiful yellow magnolia. How gorgeous is that. Spring finally made it. Over night leaves are emerging and the 1st blooms of spring are here. All the critters are frisky. Even the human critters. HA!

My amaryllis finally popped open., They are a once a year bloom , but they are worth it.

I think a green house is on my list.

I want to grow houseplants. Like the begonia. There are 100 or more different types and easy to grow. But, you can't get them here in Iowa. I'm thinking of little things here and there that i can do after i retire that might make me happy and bring in alittle money. Maybe make enough to support my habit.

Billy boy is out arrowhead hunting. I hope he finds something. It's usually good hunting after a rain. Maybe the mushrooms will be out too.


A Wild Thing said...

Hey girl...when did you get published and more info please...if anyone deserves it girl it's you! I've always loved your work and your style and need a greenhouse for all of those beautiful plants you collect.

Keep up the good da bomb Seester!

Say hey to the man with the mud on his boots...ha!

Simply Iowa said...

MONEY!{ or the lack of} That's what makes us sell our beloved treasures! However, I'm pretty fussy where my treasures go.I have to be pretty desperate to sell stuff out of my house. But it happens, and I'm blessed to have it to fall back on! Yes, I know Gary. Harold used to set up out of a cube van, backed into the open livestock building, nearest the track, He always had weird stuff, maybe thats why we hit it off so well! I miss him... He wasn't a b. s. Guy, He was incredibly funny, raw, and smart as a whip! His cousin was fmr. Gov. Branstad, Harold didn't have much time for the Gov.
Thanks for the comment{ I knew you would love the shadow box! I have a huge collection in the store!}
'til next time,
Barb C

Altered Glass said...

Thanks for the shout out on my new blog... I am still trying to figure out all this blog work as I am a little slow on the learning curve. I think you probably met Lorie, Sharon's business partner. Too many Lori's. It must be the age group. I have my treasures out of Piper's (Sharon's daughter)shop, Friends Candle Shed in Muscatine, IA. It is my home away from home, a fun place to hang out. I am so excited to see what creative things people do crafty wise so I will keep in touch.

Altered Glass said...

I looked through your blog. LOVE THE BIRDS. My mom has two and they are the most entertaining things since the kids were little. Your flower pics are beautiful. Come on Spring, hurry up before summer gets here!

Laura Rodgers said...

love the blooms! Isn't spring magic? Gardening is the most divine art form. Go for the greenhouse. Mine is just balcony size but it surely has been a wonderful asset to expand and enjoy blooms all year. Besides starting seeds and wintering over annuals I've gotten into orchids and cyclamens. Begonias would be cool too..