Wednesday, April 22, 2009

here's something you did'nt know!

Take alook at Machu Picchu ( a side view) . How cool is that!!

What were those Incas thinking?

It really is pretty mind boggling how that all came to be.

Our trip is only a month away. We will see it up close. I know it will be a visual and spiritual experience.

It is also going to be a personal challenge. I'm in pretty good shape. But, on this journey we will see what we're both made of.

I've been walking and walking, riding my bike and we will be hiking some local Indian mounds soon. Bill tells me they are a work out.
So, here is my tribute to earth day!!
All the beauty in this earth that's still out there to discover.


A Wild Thing said...

I hear they have oxygen in the rest areas for the gringos and according to Anthony Bordaine it's the nectar of the'll be just fine, your spirit guides will pull you through.

Mari Meehan said...

Here's challenge your your artistic eye, which is quite fine. Can you replicate the exact angle of that shot?