Saturday, July 9, 2011

new treasures

I went to large art festival, it was in Des Moines. Beautiful and mostly expensive stuff. but i did pick up a couple of things. Last year i bought a neat vase but broke it about a week later. Luckily i found her here at this festival and bought a new one. Then a beautiful hand made tile. I couldn't resist.
My lilies are blooming, the prickly pear cactus is blooming to. Bring'm on. my favorite time of year. Coming home at night and the air is filled with the most intoxicating fragrance.


A Wild Thing said...

Great stuff and as always your flowers are to die for, but if you want real scent in your garden, plant milkweed...mine are in my butterfly garden, are over 5 feet tall, cause I water, but the fragrance can be smelled all over my yard, morning, noon and night...and it is wonderful...who knew!!!

See ya sweetie!

Gayle said...

Hey there!
Always love seeing pics from your garden.....and that vase is amazing!!

The poppy you asked about is called "Black Cloud". The tag on it says ..."fully double, red-black with gray-green foliage". To me it is more purple than red, but definately black in the bud and early stage.

Hopefully it will have lots of seeds and I will be able to share:)

Enjoy the day!

Have a good day!!

Jane and Lance Hattatt said...

We have found you via Gary at Fox Paw Lodge and are delighted tohave discovered your most eclectic and creative blog.

The Lilies are absolutely wonderful and we can well imagine the perfume that they exude. The Art Festival sounds to have been enormous fun and your vase is definitely different. It rather reminds us of Majolica ware which often had animals as motifs.

cconz said...
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Gary said...


I the comment I got back from David over at “Alokoli” seem to be quick fix for my comment problem I posted about. If you want to check out his comment on my blog.

I did do it a little different, I signed out of my dashboard but with blogger sign in window still up I pulled up my computers control panel and went to internet options and deleted cookies and history. After closing that window I did as he said, I hit F5 on the key board, unchecked the stay signed in box on the blogger sign in window (don’t know why, but on mine it stays checked all the time) then I signed in. “It Worked” I have been able to post comments to blogs that I was not able to. Hope this helps you, like I said in my comment to yours, its like support group, lol. – gary

PS, it must work because I have had some issues commenting to you, lol. And since I am here I really, really want that vase!!!