Tuesday, December 27, 2011

back to the grind

Back from land of Sun and fun and relaxation. We had a wonderful relaxing, crazy and somewhat spiritual time on our visit to the Yucatan. The 1st strange thing was the plane was half full . Our pick of almost any seat on the plane. Then, we know from previous trips.Look out for the sharks,I'm not talking about the fish. We get out of the airport unscathed. The rental car is a brand new Nissan march, with only 12 miles on it.
We drove across the country to our hotel at Uxmal. Uxmal Hacienda, a very big and beautiful place located across the street from the second most impressive of the ancient ruins. The room was fabulous, and had been occupied by Caroline Kennedy in 1993. We used this as a base to travel somewhere different everyday. We put over1300 miles on our car. There were many days that i felt, we were the only people staying there. I'd go down to the hotel bar every day to see if was anyone new. We were the only one eating at restaurant, later in the week there were a couple of Europeans with maybe 1 that could speak a few words of English.
more tomorrow.


Gary said...


How pleased I am to hear that you guys have returned safely from your trip and I can not wait till you have the time to compose a post or two tell us all the details. All ready I want to see all, “ALL” you pictures, well I guess there may be a few you should keep private, but I want to see all the others, lol. And did you acquire any new art, show, show… It sounds a little surreal being in a large hotel with only a few guest but I bet it was great. OK, I have all kinds of questions but I’ll let you guys settle back in before pestering you, lol. – gary

cconz said...

I can't believe it gary , I didn't buy anything. I didn't see anything i couldn't live without. Besides the last we were there i bought plenty. 2 suitcases full of beautiful textiles.Surreal is the perfect word.