Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Exploring the backroads

Jorge, told us the best place to eat and was right on the money. Our hotel wasn't the best for food.The restaurant a little further down at "The Lodge" was cheaper and Tasted a lot better. We ate there everyday. On occasion another couple would show up.
He introduced us to Laura,she was the hotel "PR" person. We became pretty good friends. She'd tell us of places to go to experience the Mayan culture. Everyday a new map. "The puc route", small villages and smaller ruins. A place where pottery is made and the traditional clothing.We did that and drove to a large city called Campeche, It's a larger colonial city along the Gulf.
Campeche was crazy driving in. So we parked and walked as much as possible.
We found some school kids that helped us find a music shop. They were unbelievably helpful. They hung out with us for awhile and we noticed adults were looking at funny. Then it kind of dawned on me. Gulf city, age of consent is 14, sex trafficking is rampant. We were the only gringo's to be seen. They trusted us and Bill found his "Slipknot" cd. They interviewed us for their English class. We have discovered that if you need help in a foreign country, find a school kid. English is being taught. After this trip, we are going to invest in "Rosetta Stone" . Has anyone used it? continued.....


A Wild Thing said...

What a trip, it's so much fun following your adventures, you two always find the best in everything, even a CD...too funny, must be why I love ya...never a dull moment! Glad you're home safe and nothing crazy happened.

Gary said...

It has always been perplexing to me that hotels (here and abroad) tend to have less then excellent cuisine. But just doors away little epicurean gems flourish in the shadows. Guess its management looking at the bottom line in larger eateries. As where in smaller establishments it’s all about the quality.
Glad to hear you guys had luck on your great international cd hunt, lol. – gary

Bohemian said...

Let me know if Rosetta Stone works well because I've thought about investing in it too since half of our G-Kids speak Spanish and live in Mexico so the language barrier can make communication difficult because my kitchen Spanish is dreadful! *LOL* Yes, much of the rest of the World speaks more than one language now... we need to play catch up! When we travel abroad we have also learned that the best eats are the little hole in the wall places off the beaten track.

Happy New Year from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian