Monday, April 6, 2009

Proud to be an Iowan!!

On Friday, if you have been without any human contact and haven't heard.
The Iowa supreme court Unanimously ruled in the favor of same- sex marriage
How wonderful is that!!
So what does that mean for Iowa.
1. we don't look like we are bigoted rednecks and hillbillies.
But, progressive, smart, free thinkers.
2. It will bring couples from all over to marry. They will bring money. It should help the
3. Being the 1st in the Midwest hopefully other states will follow.
Equal rights and equal protection for all.
Now we have to put up with all the religious fanatics. Oh, the sanctity of marriage, the erosion of marriage. They make me sick!!! Stop shoving your religion down everyone's throat.
we should completely remove the government from the marriage process. Leave religion ceremonies to churches and civil unions accessible by Any two people regardless of sexual orientation.Keep religion OUT of the Government please.
1 state at a time.Congrats IOWA!!


Tonia said...

Yeah! Way to go Iowa! Now, if only the rest of the country would get on the bus!!!

A Wild Thing said...

RIGHT ON SISTA!!! I was so surprised when I read this and elated. It's about time someone took a stand and got religion out of the way. They have corrupted society and destroyed civilizations long enough...we all have a given right to think what we think...let the inquisition go down the drain...FREEDOM...isn't that what we're all about...or is it the moolah...!

Mari Meehan said...

I have a gay cousin in Des Moines and he and his partner are planning on bring to an end their 30 year "engagement" by getting married. How wonderful is that!

Chris said...

I visited Iowa when Special Olympics had the National Games there. I was pleasantly surprised by everything from the people, the towns, the public art, etc. I'm not all that shocked that Iowa would blaze a trail like this. Good for you!