Friday, June 5, 2009

We are back!!!!!

We made it back in one piece. What an amazing trip! It was the most beautiful place I've seen to date. No picture or words can fully describe what we saw. The Andes were awesome. That's a BIG awesome. The people we met were mostly from Europe, a few Norwegians, very few Americans. Only people in public positions spoke any English. Kids were good with it. They learn it in the catholic schools. The food was good, pizza and typical American fare.

The people are very nice and accommodating. They are very poor. Machu picchu brings money to the surrounding villages. They are poor, poorer than our poor. But, they have all they need, shacks made of corrugated tin, and thatched roofs and dirt floor. But, it's all neat as a pin and everyone clean. Did i mention happy too. Hard working bunch they are.

The altitude didn't bother me but, i found out i wasn't in as good a shape as i thought. I came back hoarse from panting all the time. Bill was sick for the 1st three days. poor guy. He hasn't been sick for acouple of years, then some girl at work comes in sick. Of coarse, both of us get her cold. It could have really ruined our trip. But, it all worked out. We were to sick to do the 26 mile hike. We were so upset. But, i think it was divine intervention. There was a strike and the trains weren't running for 1 day. The group we we're with had to do the hike in 3 days instead of 4 and spent 1 and 1/2 hours on machu picchu. then back on the train with no sleep or shower. All so they could get back to the starting point before the strike. But, we spent the whole day on machu picchu and we left the group and winged the trip on our own. Enjoying the sites and we did climb Wahnno pichhiu, WOW OH WOW. i couldn't walk the next day. My legs hurt SOOOO bad. We salvaged the trip by leaving .We were with the group for 3 days. We have never done a organized trip. After this experience we never will again. We would have saved some money by doing it all on our own. I really want to go back. There is so much to see.

Travel is a wonderful thing. I'm so glad we are able to.

Talking with a kid from London. He said that kids from Britain save money to travel the world, after school ( High school) . It's the thing they all want to do. See the world. Thomas had been traveling since November.Had been to India, china, South America and had a stop in cuso, peru. Then go back and go to college or whatever. The kids in the USA could care less about traveling and learning alittle about other cultures. They are to glued to the computer and cell phones and ipods.

I am glad to sleep in my own bed. And have a cold glass of anything. No ice in peru.


A Wild Thing said...

Oh Cathie(and Bill)...I'm so glad you guys are back safe and can't wait to hear more, what a life experience, the pictures are connected with something not of this dimension...later to Palo or Pedro as my grandson calls it...ha!

Simply Iowa said...

Hey Girlie!
I was soo glad to meet you both! I hope we never meet at an auction with Victorian Wreaths though, it could get ugly... Bill may come anytime, just call ahead! You have to read my blog today, I posted one of my very favorite stories! I almost lose it everytime I think about it!
Barb C

Mari Meehan said...

Welcome home! The trip sounds fantastic and the pictures are great.

Laura Rodgers said...

Breathtaking! Sounds like the trip of a lifetime. Can't wait to see the gourd!